Jim Moray’s sixth solo album, released in 2016.

Produced by Jim Moray;
Recorded at FLW and Joe’s Garage, Bristol, and Real World, Box;
Mastered by Barry Grint at Alchemy Mastering;
Drums recorded by Joe Garcia (Joe’s Garage) and Patrick Philips (Real World);
Photography by David Angel

Jim Moray, acoustic and electric guitars, piano, electric bass, drums, vibraphone, ukulele, banjo, lute, organ, vocals;
Matt Downer, double bass;
Dave Smith, drums;
Paul James, English bagpipes;
Jo Silverston, Juliet McCarthy, cellos;
Anna Jenkins, violin, viola;
Roger Huckle, violin;
Tom Moore, viola;
Nick Malcolm, trumpet;
David Paget, B♭ and bass clarinet;
Imogen Triner, oboe;
Liam Byrne, viola da gamba, lirone;
Jess Morgan, harmony vocals;
Maria Inês Santos, Portuguese translation and voice;
Chris Hillman, pedal steel guitar;
Sean Genockey, slide guitar;
Laurence Hunt, shekere, caxixi and handclaps

  • Fair Margaret and Sweet William
  • William of Barbary
  • Another Man’s Wedding
  • Edward of the Lowlands
  • Eppie Moray
  • The Straight Line and the Curve
  • Sounds of Earth
  • The Foggy Dew
  • The Flying Cloud
  • Lord Franklin
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Release Date : September 30, 2016