Jim Moray’s seventh solo album.

Produced by Jim Moray
Recorded by Jim Moray and Joe Garcia at Joe’s Garage and J&J studios, Bristol; Parr St Studios, Liverpool; and Urchin Studios, London.
Mastered by ‘Nick Cooke
Photography by Elly Lucas

Jim Moray – Vocals, Guitars, Concertina, Piano, Minimoog
Sam Sweeney – Violin
Josienne Clarke – Harmony Vocals
Matt Downer – Double Bass
Tom Moore – Violin and Viola
Nick Hart – Concertina and Melodeon
Jack Rutter – Acoustic Guitar and Chorus Vocals
Suzi Gage – Chorus Vocals
Rory Scamell – Hurdy Gurdy

  • Lord Ellenwater
  • Bold Lovell
  • When This Old Hat Was New
  • Lord Gregory
  • The Bramble Briar
  • John Barleycorn
  • The Isle Of St Helena
  • Australia
  • Jack Tar
  • The Leaving Of Liverpool

The Outlander

Title : The Outlander
Release Date : October 4, 2019
Catalog ref. : MD001