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I hope you are well. I am writing to tell you that on Tuesday I went to one of my favourite venues - St George’s in Bristol - to record an online concert.

I often feel like the time I sing best is during soundchecks - when you are in a great acoustic, before the audience arrives, when the sound of your voice feels like it is naturally the size of the room you are in. I wanted to find a way to record that for my first full online gig. It was filmed with six cameras all around the hall, and the sound was recorded at the highest resolution.

I played two 45 minute sets - the same as I would do in a normal night on tour - but I delved into the back catalogue a bit to find songs that needed a fresh airing. I played St George’s Steinway Model D piano, my 1959 Harmony Stratotone, my Atkin acoustic and my WW1 pedal harmonium, plus a tiny amount of electronics.

It’s going to be streamed in real time at 8pm BST on Thursday the 20th of August (which is also my birthday), but you will be able to watch it again at any point in perpetuity after the event or if you are in another timezone. The tickets are £10, and you can watch on your device, laptop or desktop computer, or through an internet-connected TV.

I have also added some limited edition t-shirts, based on a poster design by Alex Bertram-Powell, to the virtual merch desk for the show.

The tickets are available here - https://jimmoray.co.uk/product/stgeorges/ . I hope you enjoy it!


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