Jim has 15 years experience producing and engineering music for other artists, in addition to his own albums. A selected discography is available on request. He has his own studio in Bristol, and regularly records at other locations including Real World, Invada, Joe’s Garage (Bristol), and Urchin (London).

Recent work includes albums for Art Brut, False Lights, Maz O’Connor, Jamie Smith’s Mabon, Beatrix Players, Schnauser and Jackie Oates.

To enquire about Jim producing or mixing your project, email studio@jimmoray.co.uk with the details.


Jim has worked as a producer for nearly 15 years, working on the whole process from honing the song structures, to sound design and mixing.


Jim has mixed many projects for artists that have produced themselves at home, or in other studios. Recent projects include 'The Space Between' by Jamie Smith's Mabon, and an album for Beatrix Players


Jim enjoys making videos too, and has devised and produced brain-catching ideas for False Lights, Maz O'Connor and Jackie Oates. He is also responsible for EPK and viral promo videos for Sam Carter, Jackie Oates and False Lights.

Sample recordings


DAW and interfaces

  • Pro Tools 11
  • Logic 10 (plus iPad remote for monitor mixing / remote transport etc)
  • UAD Apollo
  • MOTU 896HD (x2)


  • Focal Twin 6 BE
  • Avantone Mixcube
  • Loads of headphones – Beyer DT880 and DT770, AKG K121, Beyer DT100 with distribution system


  • Slate VTM and VCC
  • UAD 2 (with Ocean Way, 1176, LA2A, Pultec EQ, Oxford EQ, SPL Transient Designer etc)
  • Altiverb 7
  • Valhalla Shimmer reverb
  • Audiodamage EOS reverb
  • McDSP plugins
  • Celemony Melodyne 4
  • Izotope RX3 restoration
  • loads of Waves plugins
  • Soundtoys Echoboy, Decapitator, Phasemistress
  • Kush Audio Clariphonic DSP
  • Fabfilter plugins (including Pro Q2)
  • Serato Pitch+Time
  • Antares Autotune
  • SoundRadix Auto-Align
  • PSP Vintage Warmer 2


  • Phoenix Audio DRS-1
  • Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter (for ribbons, dynamics etc)


  • Wunder Audio CM67 (valve LDC)
  • Blue Kiwi (multi-pattern LDC)
  • Coles 4038 (fig-8 ribbon)
  • C414 EB (multi-pattern LDC)
  • C414 B-ULS (multi-pattern LDC)
  • Neumann TLM103 (cardioid LDC)
  • AMS/Calrec Soundfield MkIV (surround/stereo)
  • Earthworks SR25 (cardioid SDC) x3
  • Josephson C42 (cardioid SDC) x2
  • Calrec CM1050 (cardioid SDC) x2
  • Beyer M201 (dynamic)
  • Beyer M88
  • Beyer M130 (fig 8 ribbon)
  • Cascade C77 (fig 8 ribbon)
  • Modified Oktava 319 (cardioid LDC) x2
  • Sennheiser 609 (dynamic)
  • EV RE20 (dynamic)
  • EV N/D408 (dynamic) x3
  • Shure SM7B (dynamic)
  • Shure SM58 (dynamic) x3
  • modded Shure 545 (vintage dynamic with transformer removed)
  • Modified PZM
  • Tape Op Omni (tiny omni spot mics) x loads
  • DIY Binaural head


  • Yamaha U1 upright piano
  • Loads of Electric guitars including 335, Telecaster, Strat, Waghorn custom, Hofner Club 50, Tokai Talbo, Kendall Bo Diddley, 1966 Epiphone Century, Short Scale Teisco Top Twenty, Electric Bouzouki…
  • 2 x Atkin Acoustic Guitars
  • Atkin Guitar-Bouzouki
  • Mandola
  • Tenor Guitar
  • Mandolin
  • Double Bass
  • Several electric basses
  • Tenor and 5 String Banjos
  • 90s Premier Genista drum kit
  • Variety of Snares (Pearl, Premier, Vintage Edgware etc)
  • Loads of Zildjian cymbals (K Customs, Constantinople crashes etc.)
  • Custom Collingwood hihats
  • 1934 Ludwig&Ludwig Bass drum w/calf skin heads.
  • Loads of synths
  • Huge collection of sample instruments, many unique to me
  • Fully weighted midi controllers
  • Loads of guitar amps, cabs etc.
  • Huge amount of guitar pedals – distortions, overdrives, analogue delays, whammy, modulation, multi-effects etc.
  • Line 6 Pod XT and Bass Pod XT
  • Glockenspiel, shakers, tambourines, sleigh bells etc.

Other stuff

  • Orchid DIs and Re-amp
  • sE Reflexion Filter