I’m really excited to announce that my sixth solo album Upcetera, my first since 2012, will be released on Sept 30th. It’s available to pre-order and download immediately from here.

It started out as a Child ballads album – following directly on from Lord Douglas on my last album Skulk – but the focus gradually widened to include other songs that tell a story. There are eight traditional songs, plus two new songs about scientists 400 years apart – ‘The Straight Line And The Curve’ about Dr John Dee, advisor to Elizabeth I, and ‘Sounds Of Earth’ about Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan falling in love while working on the golden record aboard the Voyager I and II spacecrafts.

I have been very lucky to have wonderful musicians give me some of their time over the last four years, from Dave Smith (drummer with Robert Plant and JuJu) who came to Real World back in 2013 to play his amazing complex rhythms on Eppie Moray, to Matt Downer who has played double bass on most of the album over loads of visits from 2013 to the present, to the string and woodwind players who came to my studio to add their parts layer by layer. I’m also really lucky to have Jess Morgan singing beautiful harmonies with me on some tracks.

I hope you like it! We’ll be playing the album for the first time at Bristol’s Tobacco Factory Theatre on Sept 9th with some of the players who took part in the recording, if you can make it please come along! Tickets here.

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